Election Day, Learn, experience, Chesed

Tuesday, Nov 6th 4-6pm


The next Torah Champs event will be: Experiential learning meets Chesed and up-cycling. We all have so many like-new unusable pairs of Tzitzit. One unprotected wash and the strings end up in an unrecoverable tangle. The kids will learn how to tie Tzitzit, to repair their own Tzitzit, and fix additional ones to send off to poor children learning in Jewish schools in the Ukraine.



Kick off event: Monday, October 15th at 5:45 pm at Urban Air

69 Wesley St, South Hackensack, NJ 07606

Kickoff Party: Dinner, Game Show and Lots of jumping!

Drop Off: 5:45pm
Pick Up: 7:45pm

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Urban Air! And kickoff Party


Jump, bounce and dunk in this super fun trampoline park! Sometimes you go down in order to bounce up!

Review learn! And kickoff party!


Meet the 4th and 5th graders joining you for this fun learning adventure. Pizza, Fries, and deserts will be served. You will get An intro into the upcoming Mitzvot Being learned and play a fun game of Torah Champs HQ!

Final Trip: an Awesome day in Brooklyn!

Luna Park! Roller Coasters and Thrills


 Ride the worlds most exciting roller coasters, you can even brag that you rode on America's oldest wooden coaster!  Hit the bumper cars, and if you are really brave: ride the Zenobio  Catch a glimpse of ocean, sand and sky as you’re swept 130 feet in the air at speeds over 60 mph traveling in consecutive rotations performing scream-inducing summersaults. 

Behind the Scene Tour of the Jewish Children's Museum!


 Immerse yourself in the hands-on interactive exhibits. Show your expertise in the TV like game show settings and make  Jewish Craft! 

Lunch at Izzy's Smoke House!


Enjoy Brooklyn's best Pulled Brisket Sandwich! Order your favorites at this trendy mouth watering authentic smoke house!

VIsit a Sofer


  • Learn how parchment is made
  • Watch the process of making Teffilen



The final trip will be a trip to remember! Check back for more details.