Who can join?

Boys and Girls  currently in 4th, 5th  and 6th grades. 

2. What materials will be learned:


Students will learn the first 63 Mitzvot of the 613 Mitzvot  of the Torah.  

Using The Yahadus Textbook, Students will gain a rich understanding of the Mitzvot, understand its application and connect to its meaning. Units 1-17 and Units 34-45 will be learned. Online tools will be provided as study aids. 

3. My child wants to learn the materials but he does not want to compete in the Chidon:


Chidon Qualifying Test - Trips• Plaque • Medal.

The  qualifying test is a straightforward yet thorough exam of the information Students are responsible to know. It tests the Students memory of the Yahadus book’s information, making the Chidon experiences accessible to any student participating in the learning. 

All students who score a combined average of at least 70% or higher on all three Chidon qualifying tests are eligible to join the final trip and experience.

During the Chidon final meet, all students will take the Chidon final (this too is a straightforward yet thorough exam on the Yahadus material covered). Students who receive at least 70% on the Chidon final will be awarded the Chidon plaque. Students who receive 85% on the Chidon final will be awarded the Chidon plaque and the Chidon medal. 

The climax of the Chidon is when the Trophy Final winners are announced. The students who earn the highest marks within each grade on the “Trophy Final” are awarded the Chidon trophies. First, second, and third place winners will receive beautiful gold, silver, and bronze trophies, respectively. 

4. What is the cost to join Torah Champs?

 There is no charge to participate in the learning. The goal of Torah champs is to give all children the opportunity of participating in learning regardless of financial situation. Sponsorship opportunities are available to help support the work of Torah Champs. Students who qualify for the Trips and experience will be asked to participate in cost….. 

5. What materials will Torah Champs be responsible for?


Students are responsible for

Units 1-17 and Units 34-45 in the Yahdus Textbook.

most of the information in the unit is optional, the only content student is responsible for:

- Mitzvah Names

- Translation of Mitzvah name—the words directly beneath the name in Hebrew

- Synopsis of the Mitzvah—the words directly above the icons

- To whom it applies

- Where it applies

- When it applies

- Punishments

- Details 

- Relevant terms in Hebrew

(quizlet.com will list all the required words)

Students are not responsible for

- Chidon guide

- Unit cover pages

- Introduction to the Mitzvos—the words above the Mitzvah boxes

- Mitzvah numbers

- The Makor

- Mitzvah Messages

- Selected Halachos

- What else comes from this mitzva?

- Did you know?

- Stories

- Biographies

- Pearls of wisdom

- Our Sages Say

- Extend your Knowledge

- History

- Discovery

- Live the Mitzva

What are the Dates?