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Learn like a Champ!

Join your fellow 4th-6th graders in learning the first 100 Mitzvot of the 613 MItzvot!  Using the Yahdus curriculum you will learn the details and meaning behind each Mitzvah. You will broaden your knowledge and understanding what it means to be a Jew. Learn the material and earn at least a 70% on the assessments and you qualify for a grand trip, as well as a trophy to celebrate your dedication and hard work! Want to compete for gold?  Top contenders will qualify to compete in a grand Chidon!

Lessons, Games and Practice Quizes

Experiences and Fun!

Join the monthly meet-up to engage in meaningful learning experiences! Visit a Sofer, make Tzitzit, and experience how the Mitzvot come to life.

The experiential learning will be paired with exciting trips! Think trampoline parks, Fun Centers and much more!

Find our more about the Fun trips!

Compete in the Chiddon!

In addition to being a Torah Champ, you can compete in the Chiddon by being proficient in the material and reaching the top. There will be bronze, silver, and gold winners.


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